Artists & Creators


Artists & Creators

What if you could play a gig for ALL your fans at one time – no matter where they are? What if you could deliver to your fans a superior entertainment experience?

What if your fans could tune into a high-fidelity stereo mix with 16-channels of audio input, multiple camera angles and a 360°/VR feed – all managed by a dedicated, remotely-located producer and “front-of house” engineer? And those fans of yours tuning in from all over – what if they’ve all paid for a ticket!?!

Welcome to CLIVE – an immersive, high-definition, high-fidelity, ticketed experience to connect you with your loyal fans. CLIVE is operated by musicians, music promoters and music producers – so, we’ve walked in your shoes. Our platform allows you to simply stroll into a venue, plug in, sound check and livestream your ticketed show – just as you would at a club date, but with the whole wide world as your paying audience.

Are you ready to make more money from every single gig?

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