How it works: venues

How It Works: For Venues

Livestream Events At Your Venue


  • Ticketing will be handled by CLIVE.
  • The Venue will provide ticketing descriptions and pricing at least one day before tickets will be offered for sale.
  • CLIVE will produce a web-based ticketing page on and provide the venue with a link to that page for the Venue’s review/changes/approval.
  • Ticket holders will be provided with the event link in addition to a  ticket purchase confirmation.
  • Ticket Fees
    • A ticketing fee is charged to each ticket buyer.
    • The Venue determines the pricing strategy in consultation with CLIVE. For example:
      • Pitching in what I can ($10)
      • Live Music Fan ($15)
      • Suggested Ticket Price ($25)
      • Supporter ($50)
      • Benefactor ($100)

Financial Arrangements

      • The Venue receives a pre-negotiated percentage of total ticket sales (net after fees). CLIVE retains the balance of net ticket sales.
      • CLIVE retains the first $350 of tickets sold (credited against the pre-negotiated split).
      • CLIVE reserves the right to cancel the livestreaming of the event if ticket sales have not reached $350 four (4) business days (Mon – Fri) prior to the event.
      • After the show, CLIVE will provide the venue with an event financial report (including ticket holders’ names and email addresses). CLIVE will transfer the funds to the venue within five (5) business days after the event.

Day of Concert

      • We suggest that, if possible, the artist have a dedicated assistant to monitor the chat window on the artist’s behalf  as well as to communicate with the engineer during performance for technical adjustments. 
      • The concert will be streamed live on CLIVE’s platform, unless otherwise indicated.

Show Format

      • Ticketholders often “arrive” at the concert page before showtime. We suggest that for the 15 minutes before show time, we stream video/photos provided by venue and artist (e.g., venue logo, promos of upcoming shows, info about venue, artist’s merchandise, etc.).
      • Artist/venue should determine set length, number of sets, and whether to have an intermission. We recommend a 60 minute show without an intermission.
      • If there will be an intermission, we suggest that venues and artists provide content  (similar to  pre-show content or provide alternative content) to keep the audience interested and engaged.
      • Livestreams often have a “stream latency”, which is the time between the camera capturing the performance and the performance being viewed at home.

With every show, earn more, and give fan’s everywhere an unbeatable live experience, all without additional staffing or back-office expenses.

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