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Venues & Theaters

Why limit the attendance at your events to just those people that physically get to your venue? And if the show is sold out, should all of those fans still be able to watch the shows – and shouldn’t you be able to sell them a ticket to attend?

CLIVE provides venues with all the technology, talent and tools necessary to host ticketed, livestream performances – all at no upfront cost to the venue. This includes:

  • Multiple point/tilt/zoom cameras.
  • A 360 degree / virtual reality camera.
  • 16 channels of audio input.
  • An internet connected computer.
  • A live, remotely-located show producer.
  • A live, remotely-located “front of house” engineer.
  • Promotional tools for upcoming livestream shows.
  • VR headset sent to your premium-ticketed fans.
Future features will include: 
  • The opportunity to brand our VR headsets with venue material.
  • The addition of ticketing for in-person attendees.
  • A dedicated venue page hosted on CLIVE Venue dashboard with per-show metrics.
  • Promotional tools to draw artists and fans to your venue.
  • Ability for fans to chat online during the show.
CLIVE streams partner-venue’s shows live – in HD and 360° Virtual Reality simultaneously. Our platform allows ticket holders to easily integrate with any device – their TV, computer, tablet, phone or on their FREE VR headset. Fans have the option to sit back (or stand up) and enjoy the show in whatever manner they prefer. 

CLIVE also stores and re-streams your live stream shows to fans on-demand. Our secure interactive broadcast re-stream allows you to promote and generate revenue from your library of shows. 

CLIVE connects you with fans, too. Each showpage’s chat function gives ticket holders the ability to post comments and chat with other ticket holders from the moment they purchase their tickets until the show concludes. You too can participate in the conversation – and we can collect comments and reviews from your ticketed fans to help promote your future shows. 

CLIVE also provides sponsorship opportunities to partner venues. Promote upcoming shows prior to, within and following your livestream shows. Or, promote upcoming shows on other live streams that sync with the sorts of fans you’re looking to attract. We can help you develop banner ads, pre-roll video, 360/VR advertising, bottom-thirds and more – all designed to bring in more fans to your venue and your livestream shows. 

Contact CLIVE now and we'll customize the best solution for your venue’s needs.

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